Schematic representation of nanoparticle-cell interation


Picture created by Mateus Cardoso


This picture presents a schematic representation on how functionalized nanoparticles interact with specific receptors present on the cell surface.

Created by Mateus Cardoso
Image by:

Carlos Sato

Magnetic Nanorings for Hyperthermia
Partial Nanoparticles Aggregation
Drawing by:

Mateus Cardoso

CNPEM at night


Picture taken by Jean Polli


This picture shows a part of the LNLS storage ring which is now out of work and is located in front of the main LNLS storage ring building.

Selective action of nanoparticles


Drawing by Mateus Cardoso


This picture shows a selective activity of a given nanoparticle against bacteria (A) while the absence of interaction against mammalian cells (B) is explained by the presence of glycocalix.

Crystallographic Plane of Silver Nanoparticle
Image by:

Luciane França

Blue Bacteria by Electron Microscopy
Image by:

Larissa Capeletti

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